Jo s Sugar House 2018-Sol to Soul Pictur


We find ourselves in a situation we never expected to be in, but here we are. In an effort to do our best to protect the public we have decided to not serve breakfast or lunch for Maple Sunday and to not offer tours of the sugarhouse since it is a relatively small space and impossible to allow “social distancing.”

We do have lots of Maple Syrup and maple products packaged and ready to sell as well as 100% grass-fed ground beef and beef hamburger patties. This meat was packaged during the peak of the grazing season last summer and then frozen. Knowing that meat has been disappearing off of supermarket shelves, we feel it will be a service to the public to offer these hard to get items as well as Maple items for sale on Maple Sunday.

We will have someone take your order, gather the order, take payment, and then hand you the items. We ask that you try to refrain from using cash as we are set up to accept credit cards. We will get the item list posted online as soon as possible so you can think about what you would like ahead of time.


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